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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 06//10


How Do They Work?

Posted by mrwilder


Okay... technically, magnets don't WORK.

Work is a measurement of energy transference. Specifically, work means "force * distance". Surprisingly, NO energy is being used when magnets "do" their thing, because nothing moves. In order for work to occur, something has to move.

As odd as it seems, nothing is happening when magnets "do" their thing... and it's the fact that nothing happens when you expect it to that makes it look like something is happening.

Odd but true.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Posted by Raving Lunatic

And oh, on further consideration, what you just said makes absolutely no fucking sense. You're either babbeling or you need to clarify what you're attempting to say.

Please. I'd LOVE to understand that shit. It's one of my life's quests.

And please do not respond with equations. Use english.

Posted by mrwilder

Suppose a magnet appears to be causing a second magnet to levitate. Although it seems to be quite an energetic event, neither magnet is actually moving relative to the other. If nothing moves, there is no energy being expended, therefore, no work is occurring. Ergo, magnets DON'T do work. They're a fixed field.

Since magnets aren't doing any work, they aren't using or exerting ANY energy at all. Ever.


Posted by Raving Lunatic

It's the electrons that are "doing" the "work", then. After all, SOMETHING is countering the force of gravity, in a situation where one magnet is levitating another. It seems the clowns may have a valid question after all... I, in fact, as a non-expert, do not believe that the "force" of "magnetism" is perfectly understood at all.

How DOES electricity work, anyway?

Of course it's far better understood than my primitive brain can comprehend, but still... there's enough mystery there that it seems to me that it could potentially (ha) encompass the very nature of the universe.

Posted by mrwilder

There's no "work" being done to counter the "force" of gravity... if indeed gravity is a force, which it may not be.

Force equals mass times acceleration. If those magnets aren't moving relative to each other, there is no acceleration and therefore no force is being exerted.

Since work = force times distance and since there is no force being used to counter gravity and there is no distance being covered, there is NO WORK BEING DONE.

Magnets do NOT perform work.

Posted by Zeke

Jeeze O Pete

In wondering how they 'work', the query is how they function.
No connection to the physics term 'work' was intended.
When someone asks you where you work, do you go into a lecture about physics?
You two will argue about anything over nothing, just to argue.

Posted by mrwilder

I'm not arguing. I was describing the nature of magnetism. I enjoy scientific discussions.

As far as I know there is only basic definition of the word "work" when used in this sense, whether considered a physics term or not. It means something is imparting energy that causes something else to move. Magnets can't do that.

My precise point was that magnets do NOT perform a work function, contrary to what seems obvious.

To me it's more interesting to note that magnets don't actually do work than believing that they perform work in some way... in fact I think it's far more miraculous that magnets don't perform any work than to think that they do. I can honestly say I was floored by that fact when I studied it in physics, hence, I figured it was worthwhile to point it out.

But I figured that'd be the reaction. Haha... okay. Well, never mind then... please continue your studies on how magnets work. I'm sure there's an answer on the Internet. Hell there's probably an entire article on Wikipedia explaining how magnets work, with half a million people, including 200 scienticians who swear to its veracity.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

TL:DR. lulz

January 23, 2019

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