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Original post by mrwilder on 10//09


And that numbers is going to grow.

Yes... it's easy to be compassionate when you don't have to get CONSENT. You merely take it from the people who DO work, and give it to the ones who DON'T.

Whether they like it or whether they don't

Of course, it's completely unfair that everyone should pay the exact same percentage of their income, or, better yet, a flat sales tax rate instead so you could choose to save or spend.

THAT would be racist... er, uh, some friggin how.

Posted by mrwilder

HAHA! Love the comment:

"Let's punish those that succeed and reward those that are idiots or lazy asses. Let's create a utopia that everyone has the same amount and no one has more than the other, no property, no home, no car, what ever you are determined to need will be issued by the government. In fact, let's let the government tell us how many children and of what sex they can be. That way no one will be unhappy in our commune, er is this not communism and a Marxist theory of society? Sure seems like we are headed that way lately."

An extreme understatement!

Posted by desertrain

Looking at my paycheck it appears that I pay enough to cover a nice chunk of those people.
Posted by mrwilder

Well, it doesn't really make any difference what race "they" are in any case. It could be ANY of us. It just so happens to be the blacks and mexicans who are the country's current crop of scum. Hey - it used to be the Micks and the chinks... now it's the spics and niggers, whatever. Immaterial.

The problem is that such welfare policies are already at the brink. If they expand anymore, there won't be anybody paying into them... we'll all be on the dole.

The closest anybody ever comes to getting communism to work is when there is complete racial purity, such as the NAZI national Socialists or the Chinese Communist national socialists... of course, to be fair, the only reason the communist chinese are making it is because of the CAPITALISM in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In the United States? Socialism equals the end of Beneficence, Justice, Autonomy and the total enslavement of the working race to feed the free riders. How else can it be sliced?

November 21, 2018

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