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Original post by Zeke on 06//09


This is why you buy a Glock.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Wow, that's pretty amazing.
Posted by mrwilder

I'm thinking of buying a handgun. What I want is to kill any intruder type person dead on the first shot.

I've heard a 44 was useful for that. What do you suggest?

Posted by Zeke

Whatever works best for you.
By that, define the parameters of use first, then buy based on that.
Is it going to be for the house and never leave it or is it something that gets carried.
If its for home defense, get a 12 gauge shotgun. If its for carry, a Glock 22 or some type of 1911 style .45.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Oh, that's all you need.
Posted by mrwilder

So, NOT a Charter Arms Bulldog .44, like the Son of Sam cult used?

Also, if I wanted to blow my own brains out, I'd want it to unequivocally kill me dead in one shot, obviously. Not that I'd ever do anything like that, of course, seeing as how the government decides whether or not it's legal or illegal for me to continue living.

Oh, since I'm completely retarded, what do those numbers mean? Is a Glock 22 a .22? If so, isn't that ammunition small? And what about a .45?? Is that 45 millimeter diameter bullets or what?

Posted by Zeke

The 22 refers to the model number, it's a .40 caliber which means the diameter of the round is 4/10ths of an inch.


A Charter Arms Bulldog is a good weapon, but not the most accurate of weapons.
But it will blow your head off with one shot, so it has that going for it.
Stick with the Glock, it's easier to use and clean. Ammo is fairly inexpensive and lots of cops carry them, so when the Breakdown happens, you can get ammo and stuff from the LEOs.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

But what about zombies? A machete and a shotgun? Or would a handgun actually be better? I've always kind of assumed that a shotgun would be best, but I've kind of started questioning that. I'm thinking that a good handgun would probably be better, as long as it has stopping power. It's just so much lighter and more manueverable, especially when you consider how much 1000 rounds of handgun ammo weighs vs. 1000 shotgun rounds.

So, I'm actually thinkin' the Glock and a machete.

Posted by Zeke

Depends on the zombie..fast or slow.
Fast, go with the gauge, so you can as much lead down range as possible.
Slow, go with a .45 auto using Black Talons or hollow points, so you can reload without using speedloaders or half-moons.
The machete is ok, but what you want is this
Thicker blade with more weight behind it.

Posted by mrwilder

Well, according to the official ZombieSurvivalWiki, the two various classes of zombies are described as Rage zombies and Classic zombies .

Rage Zombies "are still human and subject to human limits. They can be killed by anything that will kill an uninfected human and as quickly as an uninfected human. A shot or blow to a major nerve junction will stop them immediately(but not necessarily kill them), destruction of a major organ will kill them eventually(a couple of minutes for the heart and lungs). "

Classic zombies are no longer human and not subject to human limits. They can only be stopped by destruction of the cerebellum or the brain stem.

According to Eric Lathrop on his night of the living dead page at http://ericlathrop.com/notld/,
"Fire may also kill a zombie, but it is unclear as to how effective this is." By my calculations, this is probably because of the differences between Classic and Rage zombies... classic zombies can't be killed by fire unless it completely burns there cerebellum, see...

In any case, it seems apparent that the shotgun is your best defense against zombies in general because of the wide dispersion of the pellets.

I mean, right?

Posted by Zeke

Here is probably the best place for all your Zombie Defense Needs


Posted by mrwilder

Why in the hell is there a god damn zombie page with 40,000+ replies IN A SINGLE THREAD but my stupid ass NetWatchCentral.com gets like, ONE hit a day?


Posted by nowheremom

Brains! SPLAT!!!!
sorry, couldn't resist!

Posted by Zeke

Zombie Hunters is a survialist site that uses zombies a metaphor.
If you can survive Zombies, you can survive anything.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

The wide dispersion of the pellets in a shotgun blast is one of the things that may make a shotgun LESS effective against zombies in general. A regular human can get hit by a few pellets from a shotgun and survive relatively ok. They'd do nothing to a zombie of either kind. Hm. I dunno. I imagine a hangun or shotgun, used effectively, are both about as good as the other. To me, that brings the decision down to weight and maneuverability.
Posted by Zeke

At 15 feet, the pattern hasn't spread, so it's like steeping into a shredder. Also the energy in the blast also comes into play.
Also, alternate OO buck with slugs and nothing is getting back up.

December 13, 2018

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