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Original post by Zeke on 05//09


Astronauts visit chimp sanctuary in FL. If it was me, I would have brought them to live with the Elephants here in TN.

Posted by mrwilder

Uh... yeah, now, well, did you guys ever see that documentary... what was it called?

Planet of the Apes?

Posted by mrwilder

Hmmm... wait... as I recall, in that true to life film those terrible apes wanted to take our guns away, and they were against freedom of speech. All of their industry and education was tightly regulated by a bungling central bureaucracy. Also, they lived in communal dwellings. Even the brightest and most educated simians had to tow the party line or face public ostracization by the monkeys who constituted the ruling elite.

These space chimps appear to be the good American industrious capitalist chimps kind, not those damn dirty communist chimps from the movie... wow! There's nothing that freedom loving American monkeys like these can't do!

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Now that you mention it, there *are* a lot of similarities...

January 23, 2019

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