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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 04//09


Time banking, apparently a form of indirect barter, sounds like it could be an interesting way to get things done.

I don't know though - it may get illegalized because it kind of reeks of not-capitalism. So never mind. DIE, heretic scum!

Posted by mrwilder

Wrong. Again, you don't understand what the word capitalism means, so, it's really pointless to try to argue with you anyway, but since we all understand you mistakenly believe the word means "the idea of working for money" (has nothing to do with capitalism), even someone as confused as you are should realize that this is DIRECT capitalism!!

The problem is your beloved socialist government does NOT want capitalism (your loose and inaccurate definition) because then they can't TAX YOUR ASS and CONTROL YOUR SPENDING.

It's not capitalism that is the problem, it's semi-informed people who support big government and want to take my freedom away, such as yourself. In a FREE MARKET, you are FREE TO BARTER.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

This shit really, really gets old.
Posted by mrwilder

Yeah, talk about something else besides politics and economics sometimes.

I'll never believe anything that doesn't start with total personal responsibility, complete liberty, and the individual pursuit of happiness coupled with freedom of speech and association.

Government is completely antithetical to those ideals.

I don't see how those truths aren't just self evident, so, we should agree to disagree on this issue.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

It is not the "disagreement" that gets old. That doesn't matter at all, and I in fact do not frequently express ANY opinion one way or another. Judging just from the opinions you seem to have expressed on this board I'd say that we probably don't disagree as much as you seem to think we do. You just apparently think every opinion I could possibly express MUST disagree fundamentally with yours, since I am such a blithering, ignorant, clueless idiot.

It's your personal insults that get old, especially since they are based on nothing but your predetermined notion that I am an idiot. If I didn't presume otherwise, I'd think you were a troll.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

And hey, even though I don't believe that I often express any particular political opinion (you state that I should "talk about something else besides politics and economics sometimes" as though I'm endlessly preachy, even though the overwhelming majority of my posts are completely random stuff intended to be amusing or, very occasionally, thought-provoking *gasp!*), why the fuck would I even want to post on a site where I have to watch what I say and post so that I'm not subjected to shitty personal attacks? I don't find the shit amusing, and in fact it puts a wet blanket on my day even having to read it, let alone reply. I can hang around on Fark if I want to deal with that kind of shit.

January 23, 2019

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