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Original post by mrwilder on 04//09


Here's a site with lists of discount codes for Amazon, BN, etc.

You're gonna need it.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

GONNA need it? Man, I've been so broke for so long, I honestly don't remember what anything else feels like. But that's fine, I ain't bitching.

I hear people whining about "the tough economic times" and have absolutely NO pity, though. Awww, does your 401k have a little bit less in it now than you wanted? Here, let me call the waaahhmbulance. Yeah, it sucks if you got ripped off by Wall Street, but hey, when you play the greed game, don't be surprised when someone's greedier than you. That highly developed sense of cupidity, avarice, entitlement and worshipful self esteem is what society rewards them for so richly, after all. They are required by law to be insanely greedy, back-stabbing and self-serving. Really. (Most people don't realize this - the documentary film 'The Corporation' should be on everyone's required viewing list).

It's kinda funny, really. They have won. They own the whole system, and pretty much the whole world. The losers have lost, and now the winners want to cash out their chips. So what's the gov't gonna do? That's right, restake the losers so they can keep playing! Wooooohooooo! So now everyone gets to "loan" all the money thier children will make for generations to some people so their poker game can continue. They'll pay it back, honest.

So, yeah. I guess we'll be needing those coupons.

Posted by mrwilder

Yes, because people are successful and frugal, and provided for their retirement with hard work and savings, but feel upset when they take a huge loss due to government incompetence, that means those people are evil and greedy, or have an (unjust) sense of entitlement.

Odd analysis.

It is true that corporations are required to maximize profit. That is not evil. There will always be crooks in any system, though. But in an unregulated capitalist system, everyone's free to do what they want- and that's the all-important difference. No one FORCES YOU to participate like they do in a regulated economy like Obammy's.

For example, in the Milton Freidman article you linked to... you actually seem to claim that the article was against Milton Freidman, that it was indicating a "big fuck you to the poor people from Milton Freidman", simply because the article was entitled "Milton Freidman Was Wrong" and you knew Friedman was a libertarian. But Milton Freidman is credited with a Nobel Peace Prize for saving the lives of millions of poor people.

Your opinions seem to always be precisely whichever ones are most prevalent in corporate media. Bizarre that you never seem to notice the irony of that.

Civilization is unbearable enough as it is without more idiots making more laws and spending more of other people's money (involuntarily).

Here's the truth for anyone who cares to read it, I hold this truth to be self evident:


Posted by mrwilder

Sadly, I must admit I fundamentally agree with almost all of your shitty, crappy, fucked up analysis, now that I think about it.

Damn you

January 23, 2019

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