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Original post by mrwilder on 03//09


Haha!! Right wing nut job and asshole Pat Buchanan nails this race relation commentary on the head in his "A Brief for Whitey" column from last year.

Just noticed it... hehe... a classic!

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Sounds interesting. Nothing there, though.
Posted by mrwilder

Here's a link.... This pops

Same old stuff, really... just surprised it's coming out of bigmouth's mouth.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Well, the obvious answer to the question "Why did Obama sit quietly while the 'reverend' preached unadulterated racism?" is this... EVERYTHING the man is saying is pure bullshit. Why single out that particular turd? Of course you can't say that (even though it's the manifest truth). Therefore the tacit answer is 'no comment', or some other obfuscation or curcumlocution. (Oh, and how quaint of the 'reverend' to still be content with styling himself such. I thought the fashion these days was for such gilded charlatans to elect themselves 'Bishop'.)

Oh, and please, Pat. Forty trillion dollars? Come on, some people believe everything they read. We'll be hearing right-wing idiots quoting that figure now. The only people who have been given 40 LAAAAARRRRRRGEEEE over the past 40 years are... well, the people who own the government. That's a nice little reinforcement of the idea that we've given away the farm to the Welfare Queens though, Pat. Nice try. And like I said, lots of people will believe you - or at least subtly have that idea reinforced. Repetition makes truth, after all.

Posted by mrwilder

The budget is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact. The government budget is published everywhere. I've included a link to one version of it, from an IBM dataminer, at the bottom.

Indeed: illegal immigrants, affirmative action/equal opportunity type scams, unwed mothers and others on government healthcare/aid/food, and paying the interest on the old debts are pretty much the ONLY thing on the charts other than the military.

This one's easier to read than many others, but is pretty much similar: http://manyeyes.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/visualizations/us-budget-pie-chart

I know it's the fashion to say that the evil capitalists (the ones who MADE the money) took the money, but, uh, actually they didn't - in general. They gave much of it to US, the ones who DIDN'T earn the money.

Posted by mrwilder

Hehe, of course, I only point this out because there are so many liars and that they are SOOOoo duplicitous that the entire budget is simply manufactured bullshit as well, and absolutely NOTHING that comes out of Washington is true, except that some faggy guys who've never once woke up on the street and wondered how they got there and with haircuts and suits want me to do something they wouldn't do, or NOT do something they do, and if I don't (or do), they'll let the jackboot wearing guys beat me up and stuff.

I just want all these lying liars to shut the fuck up and leave ME alone. I'll make and spend my own fucking money. Plus, I want to have anal sex with my wife and her lesbian wife prostitute while shooting lines of Drano after midnight on Sunday and not believing in God OR that evolution is gradualistic in nature. And I really don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks about it.

January 23, 2019

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