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Original post by mrwilder on 03//08


SOOOOooo, what the hell is the difference - buzzwise, of course - between the various benzodiazepines and similar class drugs, such as - oh - say, valium, ativan, Halcion, Xanax, and etc.? Link goes nowhere.

Posted by mrwilder

Waiting on an answer on this, dammit.
Posted by Raving Lunatic

Speaking for myself personally, what this whole class of tranquilizers does is put me to sleep. I get a little bit of euphoria for about half an hour, then an overwhelming desire to just nap out. I know lots of people who love the stuff, and it doesn't seem to put them out like it does me. I enjoy the sleep - it's very restful - but it's not exactly party time when I take this stuff.

The main difference I've been able to detect between the various Xanaxes and Valiums etc. is the relative strength. I can take 20 mg. of Valium, for example, while 2 mg. of Xanax will put me out.

Listen to me. I sound like a goddamn drug addict. I guess it's that whole lifetime of experience thing.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

For further information, Erowid is a good place to s tart.
Posted by mrwilder

Well, a lot of people apparently sound like drug addicts then, cause I heard about them on dental web sites. Apparently the Halcion makes me people forget the appointment!

January 23, 2019

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