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Original post by mrwilder on 03//08


Hmmm... maybe the Earth really is hollow after all! This Video has TWO super deluxe bonuses! 1) It's produced by Neal Adams, comic book author, and apparently, mad scientist and b) There's plenty of stuff about this in Wikipedia and also -) it's pretty dang convincing

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Wow, that's pretty amazing. I've always wondered why there is no observable tectonic activity on any other planet. Why does the Earth seem to be unique in that regard?

But where did the water come from? Also, I wonder if, in this theory, the Earth is expanding at the same rate as the rest of the universe? Hm.

Seems worthy of further inquiry.

Posted by mrwilder

I also wondered where the water came from.

I don't know anything about geology or planetology, so I was not aware that tectonic activity was not observable on any other planet - but to my knowledge, we only have a few dozen planets and planetoids to choose from. I do know there are lots of other kinds of activity being observed - so I might have naively accounted the lack of obvious tectonic activity to "we simply didn't see it", especially since most scientists think it takes millions of years to move a few miles.

The expansion rate of the Earth would be unrelated entirely to the expansion rate of the Universe, though. The Universal expansion only occurs on what scientists refer to as "really big ass distances" and doesn't apply to tiny little minutia, like our solar system, and especially not a single planet, where "normal" non relativistic gravity works as good as anything to describe our "truth". SOOOooo, whatever it is that makes the Earth expand - if it is expanding - would be something else entirely.

Good God Damn Question. Therefore, much like the real truth about evolutionary mechanisms, we'll probably never hear another thing about it.

January 23, 2019

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