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We delve into the newest controversial angles surrounding the HIV/AIDS world. Is AIDS caused by HIV? Some say no.

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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 12//07


There's a word you don't hear much anymore. Here's an article about an ancient, arcane science that I used to be interested in. Stuff that might be worth knowing, you know, just in general. I miss this stuff.

Posted by mrwilder

Don't they still do that with Quark Express?
Posted by Raving Lunatic

Yeah, that's what I mean. Even after all these years, there are still things you can't do with those DTP programs, even the highest-end professional ones. Justified columns, for example. You'd think it'd be no big deal - but the last time I checked, you still couldn't do it. That's why nearly all the text you see anymore is set in a style called "ragged right", where the column of text is flush on the left, and ragged on the right, as opposed to "justified", where the text is flush on both margins. This may not be the case anymore, I haven't looked at any of the software in a while.

January 23, 2019

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