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We delve into the newest controversial angles surrounding the HIV/AIDS world. Is AIDS caused by HIV? Some say no.

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Original post by mrwilder on 01//08


I hate stolen fark links, but dang it, these stupid amazon reviews of a standard ink pen made me laugh until I cried.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Hehe, you posted this with the word "stolen" in the headline, and now all the Google context ads are about crime.
Posted by Zeke

Posted by mrwilder

We play with them occasionally. We have little radioactive rings that look very similar to baby teething donuts... just big flat rings, basically.

They're all different radioactive materials and have different level of radioactivity. Don't carry the big blue ones in your pocket, unless you want to test just what those "random mutations" can do for your offspring. Course, it *may* be an improvement, hehe...

You use them when you need some kind of radioactive source above background levels. Most of them are really VERY close to background that they might as well be a cell phone, but I digress... basically, you can test your particle detectors with em.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Bob Lazar also sells this stuff.
Posted by mrwilder

Yeah, ole Mr. Bob Lazar's definitely an interesting character.

Personally, I don't know about all the UFO crap or who he's really working for or what he's really doing, but, umm... I think it's quite likely that some organization actually tried to make his ass disappear at one time or another.

January 23, 2019

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