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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 12//07


I still love this bizarre, fucked up song and video, for some reason - must be that groovy hook. I thought I'd repost it before it fell off the edge of the internet. We only go back 100 pages.

Posted by mrwilder

A mere technicality. You could actually see beyond the edge of the visible internet. For instance, this is the link to the last visible page on the internet:


But, if you wanted, you could actually go beyond mere causality by changing the reference page to one even older just by changing the number, like this:


But nobody knows what's out there, or where it all ends.

Posted by mrwilder

Oh, here it is, the BEGINNING of the internet:


It was December 3rd, 2002. There was really something before that, but, I think it was just some kind of energy foam.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

Wow. Heavy.
Posted by mrwilder

Oh, I think it would also find anything ever posted after December 3rd, 2002, no matter what page it was on, if you used the search function on the upper right part of the page. But I can't remember. Either way, the information is never "lost", it merely moves past the horizon beyond which information is no longer available in the visible part of the spectrum.

January 23, 2019

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