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Original post by Zeke on 05//07


After a Football player was busted running a dog fighting operation, fellow team members say it's not a a crime.

Posted by esponja

No.. but it is very cruel... Sorry that I was not in charge.. I would turn those guys loose in a HUGE cage with some hungry lions.
Posted by desertrain

How cruel is it to make animals fight for money.
Posted by mrwilder

The dogs aint exactly nice themselves.
Posted by Zeke

The dogs are turned into vicious beasts by the owners. I've had many dogs and most of them big ones, and I've never had a mean dog.
Posted by mrwilder

True, you've always had nice dogs.

However, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence... and all the pit bulls and other fighting dogs I've ever met were nasty murderers just waiting for their chance to do what they were bred to do... kill stuff.

Not that I blame the dogs or anything. I was just saying that the dogs were not necessarily any better than their shitty humans.

Posted by Zeke

True, all animals have an inner beast to them, but I think it tends to come out when encouraged, by either circumstances like hunger or attack or when humans make it come out.
We suck as a species.

Posted by mrwilder

We're good at making technological stuff, but then turn around and forget that the reason we do all this stuff is to be happy.

Most people are so busy trying to acquire stuff that will ostensibly make them happy that they forget to be happy along the way.

Ahem, fortunately or unfortunately for me, as the case may be, I aint got shit - so I don't have that problem.

November 21, 2018

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