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Original post by Raving Lunatic on 09//06


Hey Moe, haven't we been here before? But I keep forgetting - it's not fascism when WE do it. I must be a communist or something.

Posted by deadpool

lol. hm so when do me we draw paralells to current society and socalism? lemmie plow over some current dem statements and activities. lol. I looooooooove propaganda, it always makes me laugh
Posted by fuckhead

Yeah. Right. The poster has obviously never been out of the United States, I can tell that right away.

No countries are as liberal as the United States, and the ones that are liberal don't have any jobs available.

The U.S. may not be perfect, but it is still the best of the lot, by far.

Posted by Raving Lunatic

"No countries are as liberal as the United States"!?

I don't think I've ever heard a more ridiculous statement.

I'm not sure what you guys are rooting for, especially deadpool, but it seems that no matter what the government does, no matter what powers they usurp for themselves, people like you will refuse to see it as long as they call themselves "conservative"; and no matter what a shambles the education system, health care and social 'safety net' get into (a state of affairs for which the Democrats are nearly as responsible as the Republicans) we are somehow a "socialist" society. We in the U.S. have less of, and a far less effective and useful from a human standpoint, social safety net than any other 'Western' country. This includes both help for poor people to survive, and help for them to become educated and pull themselves out of poverty - and it becomes harder all the time.

But go ahead and 'believe' what you will. It seems you are going to do so regardless of the evidence, anyway.

Posted by deadpool

no i think conservitives are just as fucked up as liberals, in many of the same ways actually each party uses propaganda to paint it differently. the liberal propaganda machine is maign the loudest strongest push. to quote mat stone, i hate conservitivces but i really fucking hate liberals. they will lie and bitch and scream loud enough so that none can ignroe them. conservitives i cqan ignroe. bible thumpers go away when u shut the door on them. liberals call the aclu and sue you untill you open up your door long enough to give them a "fair chance to pleed their case" they are absolutly fuckign annoying. liberals keep people like warren jeffs alive when hes caught insted of shot dead on sight. liberals keep places like colorado city alive. the aclu keeps them raping marrying and forcing 12 year old girls to have kids with their dads or brothers. its the whole sale forfitting of anyones ablity to stand up to a religion or culture and say you are wrong fundimentally and absoluty and have communities like these banned and outlawed. and dotn give me this shit that they are. if they are why is colorado city still around and alive? why do they continue to have schools there, schools that spend money on air planes insted of paying teachers. liberals, and thos eint eh liuke sof the ACLU are the ones that make it hard for these scum bags to be killed or imprisoned as they should be. Every man in these communities should be killed on site to make it clear to others this behavior this "mormon community" anbd those who support it, are the lowest of the low, these people should be of greater concern than the "terrorists" in the middle east who if left to their devices would kill each other. no more money should be sent to isrel. iran should be sanctioned to high hell. and our troups should be marching through texas destroyign these citidels of rape molestation and perversion set up to destroy poor girls lives. then colorado city then utah dont pretent like they aret there. they are
Posted by mrwilder

I'm rooting for the United States.

I doubt that your freedoms have been impinged on in any way.

But maybe I'm wrong.

How has this massive conspiracy, which considers you so important, done something, anything, to affect you in any way shape or form?

Posted by fuckhead

Heck, I lost count at over 45 countries when I was in the Navy.

Having seen what I've seen, the nicest country I've ever been to was Japan. There's no way it's as good as the United States for freedom, though.

What country have you been to that was more liberal and actually provided opportunities like the U.S.?

Posted by deadpool

lol massachuets... wait their still part of the us right? hmmmmmmm Utah..... their pretty creepy there.
Posted by mrwilder

It's difficult to tell what "we're" "rooting for" because honest intelligent people don't just accept sensationalized surface commentary and predigested pablum such as that spewed by the right or the left on a continous basis.

Apparently, if you hear something on TV that seems likely to be beneficial towards supporting whatever mental construct you have created to describe yourself favorably, then neither training, experience, education, skill, knowledge nor logic should stand in the way of your arguments.

Actually having been to other countries, being educated in other countries, speaking foreign languages, having had received some particular training about the customs of some foreign country, knowing anything whatsoever about other countries, or thinking properly about freedoms and the predatory nature of the universe will have absolutely nothing to do with at least one side this argument, that much seems perfectly clear from the get-go.

The notion that someone who worked hard for a living or was otherwise lucky enough to have had "prosperity" given to him has somehow violated the humanity of other people by not surrendering his personal freedoms and resources to pay for the other people who take no responsibility for themselves is a mischaracterization that is viciously being spread far and wide.

And the oddest thing is, I always hear this attitude from the very people who've had the MOST given to them, the ones that have taken the LEAST chances, and the ones that, if they excel in anything, it's sitting around waiting for something to happen or someone to give them something. In essence, I always hear your argument from the very people that demonstrate the greatest amount of wasted opportunity.

It's "funny" how you never hear it from the people that grew up in the exact same neighborhoods but worked their way out of it.

While it's true that I'm a liberal leaning libertarian who votes independent, I'll never just agree with you leftists or the rightists without some type of coherent meaningful commentary... not just "the big bad republicans are being mean to me again."

That's patently ridiculous.

If you're aware of the some topic surrounding the usurping of our freedoms or the ethics of medical care in this country, or any other topic, I'd love to discuss it. But it's silly and irritating to constantly rag on the greatest country I currently live in without backing that up with some intelligent discourse that is open to challenge and revision - hell, if you're just going to say somebody did something bad, say WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, and back it up with some facts which can be falsified.

I'm keenly interested.

Other than that, It's hard to tell what exactly YOU are trying to say, other than that in your opinion this great country of mine sucks, and I don't agree with that opinion - but there isn't really anyhting else to say about that opinion and you are indeed welcome to have it. One of the great freedoms this fantastic and excellent country of plenty provides you with.

I would thoroughly enjoy an argument about health care, however, so, could we try to be more specific in our criticisms so that there is at least something to talk about?

January 23, 2019

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